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Are We Entering an Age of Idiots?

2 Apr

I am AB-so-LUTE-ly bummed after reading  news about “Snooki” earning more than Toni Morrison for a speaking engagement at Rutgers University and realizing it was NOT an April Fool’s joke.  The fact that Snooki received ANY money at ALL for a university appearance – yet alone $32,000 – (nevermind a book deal) is upsetting.  But the fact that the University paid less for a Nobel Prize-winning commencement speaker is shameful.

While I don’t often comment on celebs on this blog, I do comment on tech’s ability to take information – for good or bad – far and wide.  I also comment on the values we teach our kids based on our media selection.

The fact that a pre-med student who was interviewed about the topic found the whole thing okay is just sad.  And it certainly doesn’t give Rutgers any ammo against the “Jersey Turnpike” jokes.  Especially when the University’s response is,  “Well, the students wanted it and we don’t censor”.  Lame.   

Are we fist-pumping our way to an idiocracy?

I’m sure Snooki is comedy. And I’m all for free speech and entertainment diversity and college humor.  But if the RU Programming Association couldn’t find a better speaker for $32,000 than Snooki, I hope the students at least got plenty of  gym, laundry and tanning tips for the money.