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“Friday” Cheers for Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon

3 Apr

So, last week I did a post asking why the big fuss over Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song.  The poor girl was lambasted in both traditional and social media channels, (even though she didn’t even write the song.)  I asked if any parents would allow their kids to go through a similar process…

Kudos to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon for using the crazy media coverage of “Friday” for good, turning the song into an online donation platform to raise nearly $86,000 for Donors Choose, an organization that supports classrooms in need. (If they reached a donation goal of $26,000, Colbert pledged he’d sing a rendition of “Friday” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.) Here’s the video:

(So the Youtube version of the video got the NBC smackdown. Watch it here instead). Apologies for the commercial lead in…

Cheers for these guys turning a negative into positive using traditional, social and digital media chanels! A good lesson for parents and kids alike.