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Bravo for Google Recipe Search

28 Mar

Kudos for Google’s new recipe search option

This new feature can help busy parents scrape up quick dinners or make a full-fledged feast.  The recipe search feature offers an ability to search by cooking ingredients, cook time or calories, which gives home cooks tons of options – whether you’re time pressed, calorie conscious or just combing the pantry because you don’t have time to make a grocery dash before dinner.

Here’s a video that illustrates the tool, or just visit the site and play around like I did.   (I entered a random ingredient list of spinach, red peppers, eggs and pasta and a requirement for 15 minutes, and the tool delivered a soup recipe in less than a second.) Pretty impressive!

While you can’t necessarily vouch for the recipe taste, and many require additional ingredients (my soup above also required parmesan and chicken stock) it certainly gives you some great ideas and gets you in the ballpark.  And if you put in more “traditional” combinations of ingredients, (e.g. “chicken” + “rice” ) you get millions of results.  All for free (vs. being a subscriber to a cooking magazine.)  My type of info!

 Bon appetite, y’all!


Groceries Gone Digital

27 Mar

A few weeks ago, I tried the Peapod grocery service by Stop & Shop.  While it went well, it was a challenge to schedule the drop off window for a time I could guarantee to be home.  (Weekends are tough, since they’re “errand” time and I hate to be locked at home waiting for groceries for four hours.)  But I did appreciate the convenience of online lists and ordering.

This week while grocery shopping, I found a flyer in one of my Stop & Shop grocery bags that introduce the free Stop & Shop app for iPhone and Android.  The app allows you to view the S&S circular on your mobile phone, access your account and find the nearest store.  It also offers Peapod as a mobile service – which is what I’d most be interested in.  Might be a good way to place my grocery order while I’m waiting at the pediatrician’s office or running errands.

While I have a Blackberry, I’m considering purchasing an iPhone, and this is one app I’d definitely download.  Busy mommies take note!

A Little Birdie Told Me…

7 Mar

One of the interesting things about the digital space is its impact on career paths.  I have several “early adopter” parent friends who’ve embraced technology and parenting and combined it into new ventures.  For all my NYC peeps, check out this parent discount site a girlfriend of mine is working on:  This daily deal and insider program is currently attracting members, so it’s not fully baked yet… And it’s only available in Atlanta and NYC, but will be expanding soon… 

Wish I could check it out, but sadly, my zip is not in the “served” neighborhoods just yet.  And the partners aren’t confirmed, so I can’t say how fantastic or family-friendly the deals are… But registration is easy, sweeps look fun, and hopefully my NYC-based  parent peeps can benefit from the discounts, once the program attracts a fanbase.  There’s no downside to registering, and hey, you just might win something!

Enjoy, all!  And thanks Birdiemamma for inspiring tech-savvy parents to find their own flight path…