About this blog…

I’m a new mom of a scrumptious baby girl.  And while I’m daily learning the joys and trials of being a 30-something working parent, I’m a little concerned about my lack of tech knowledge.  A self-proclaimed “late adopter,” I feel woefully inadequate and ill-prepared to guide my daughter through an increasingly digital and “networked” society.  And every day that passes, I’m getting a little farther behind.

When my friends talk about the latest “apps”, “e-readers” and “Tweets”, I feel like I somehow missed an important parenting class.  And when I hear about cyber bullying and online predators, I get nervous- because I don’t know enough about technology to protect my daughter, while still encouraging her to explore the tools and channels that will be critical to her growth as a “digital” citizen.   And dare I admit I  haven’t mastered basic, every-day tech – like loading my iPod, downloading photos from my digital camera, or taping (and editing) video of my munchkin’s first smile?

This is my journey on becoming a more digitally savvy parent – for my little girl’s benefit – as well as my own. And I hope you’ll help me along the way by sharing your thoughts, tips, useful links, funny stories and valuable lessons, too.


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