Online Weight Loss Program Review

21 Mar

I. Am. Officially. Fat.  No way to get around it.  Call it “baby weight,” call “post-nursing gain,” call it whatever you want… I’m full-on fat these days. 

And to those who say I should “find the time” to go to the gym, I’d say I’d love to.  The gym, yoga studio and pool were once my second home, and I miss them terribly.  But between work and school, I’m away from the munchkin for 55+ hours a week; I don’t want to be away another seven – even if I am feeling physically better afterwards.  And once she’s safely in bed at 10 p.m., it’s lights-out for mommy too.

So until I’m able to find the extra time, I’m exploring some online weight loss tools: 

Weight WatchersI am blown away by Jennifer Hudson’s transformation from chunky mom to curvy diva, courtesy (she claims) of Weight Watchers.  (I’m sure there’s a personal trainer also in the mix!) 

That said, at $47.90 for the first month and $17.95 for each following month, this “convenient, customized, online plan” is a somewhat pricy option to explore, especially because it doesn’t even include the food.   The site promises healthy, family-friendly menus, workout demos, interactive tools, an online weight monitor and personal goal-setting, as well as a community to chat, but it looks like major time commitment.  I’ve also met several Weight Watchers devotees, and while incredibly successful, the maniacal obsession they have with points and meetings is a little off-putting.


A friend’s mom has had some great success with Nutrisystem recently, and I confess, I tried Nutrisystem years ago, but the food was just so awful, I lost weight because I didn’t want to eat it.  The Nutrisystem of today has an interesting online component, offering free meal-planning and progress tracking tools and a rewards program. That said, the program requires a 28 day commitment, and meals that are hard to replicate at home if you decide to stop the program.  The food is shipped directly to your house, so while convenient, you also have to make arrangements if you’re ordering frozen food.   The menu comes out to roughly $11/day – before shipping – and you still need to augment the diet with grocery shopping.

Lean Cuisine

As a time-crunched mommy, I tend to turn to Lean Cuisine once or twice a week anyway.  My husband will eat it, and when it’s on sale, I can get 5 decent-sized dinners for $10.  I’ve never been to their website, though, and I was surprised to see the free tools they have to offer.  They have a free exercise tracker, a meal-planning tool, a rewards program launching in April, and an online nutritionist to answer questions.  Plus, they also have a free bag promotion that I didn’t even know about.  Because I already eat this food, this seems like a no-brainer fit for me.

On the weekends, or nights when I get home at a reasonable time, I can take the munchkin for a walk, but for the most part, I’m stuck running errands and playing “catch up” on nights and weekends.   Anyone else have any helpful weight lost suggestions?


3 Responses to “Online Weight Loss Program Review”

  1. DP in Omaha March 21, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    I am doing Weight Watchers now and I am thrilled at that results. The online program is great and they have easy tools to help you track your food intake. Basically they teach you how to eat and about portion control which is, and has always been, a problem for me. I have lost 10 pounds in a month and i am still going. You can eat whatever you want, you just have to make sure you’re balancing out the “splurges” with lots of fruits and veggies which don’t count toward your daily point allowance. All in all I love it. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything. I eat what I want, just less of it. Highly recommend it!

  2. NupurR March 21, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    I’m doing Weight Watchers as well. And while I agree that it’s annoying to count everything I eat, and look everything up before I eat it, it definitely teaches you to be more aware of what you’re eating. I agree with DP – it’s really a great program because it teaches you how to eat healthy, versus some diets which you might lose weight while you’re on them, but the second you’re off, you gain it back. WW is more of a lifestyle I think than a diet. And yes, I’m aware that I sound like the fanatical WW followers you mentioned lol.

    Bonus – women in my WW meetings often bring their munchkins with them to the meeting, so you wouldn’t be leaving her at home 🙂

  3. howfamousofyou March 31, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    I’ve been thinking of trying NutriSystem, not for the weight loss, but just because I hate to cook. I’ve heard their menus are better now, and I was happy to see that they have a vegetarian option. Most food plans don’t, so it’s a definite bonus for me. I do have a few friends who are doing Weight Watchers and swear by it, though.

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